Friday, May 05, 2006

Update On Shooting.

New developments in the shooting rampage outside a hospital and near a school in Fernandina Beach.

Counselors will be at that school today to help things get back to normal after a man shot three people, then took his own life.

We continue to follow developments in yesterday's deadly shooting in Fernandina Beach.

Shooting victim, Sarah Rogers made it through the night at Shand’s Jacksonville Hospital who tells us she is in serious condition. Francis Taylor was the ex-wife of the gunman Denny Taylor.

Deputies tell us it was Denny who pulled the trigger yesterday at Baptist Medical Center Nassau, killing his former sister in laws and her husband Roy Rogers. At that point deputies say Denny drove to the Emma Love Hardee Elementary School where he took his own life.

We obtained 911 tapes from the incident describing in detail what people saw. Caller: I think somebody just shot somebody. 9-1-1: Where at? Caller: and he's still shooting her. 9-1-1: Where? Caller: Oh my god, he's shot three people. 9-1-1: Where are you? Caller: I'm at the hospital in Fernandina. Caller: There's been three gunshots. I'm at the....oh god. Did you hear that? Oh my goodness. 9-1-1: I did hear it. Okay, got it. Caller: oh! (inaudible)....there's a green car.

Our continuing coverage continues. The troubleshooters have learned more about Denny Taylor's past run-ins with the law.

Here's a closer look. In 1997 Taylor was charged with DUI. Then in 1999 he was charged with leaving the scene of an accident with property damage. On February 10th of this year he was arrested on a drug charge and domestic battery. This year, in April, Taylor was accused of making death threats against his sister in law, Sarah Rogers, then on the twenty-fourth he was charged with criminal mischief. Accused of puncturing her tires. This has been going on for awhile.

Just three days before the shooting an injunction for protection was finalized ordering Taylor to stay 500-feet from his ex-wife.

We have researched what more could have been done to prevent this shooting and according to a domestic abuse center says a restraining order is not always helpful. It's often ignored by the abuser and can only be enforced after it's been violated.

Sometimes when an abuser finds out about the order, they may feel humiliated or rejected, and then turn angry and violent. Just obtaining a restraining order may increase the chance of violence against the victim.

But there are other ways to get help: Go to an abuse shelter Talk to a counselor Make an escape plan And one of the best things you can do is learn self defense.

^^^The murderer^^^

Well, it doesn't look to me like he could legally own a gun therefor more laws against law-abiding gun owners wouldn't do a bit of good. Refering to what I mentioned yesterday about the proposed change to FL's carry law that would add "health care facility" to the list of "off-limit" carry areas.

And I guess doesn't think BUYING A GUN TO PROTECT YOURSELF falls into their realm of things to do in order to protect yourself from wackjobs.