Monday, May 22, 2006

So I'm thinking about buying a stripped virgin lower.....

...... in order to build an AR-15 pistol. [What did you think I was talking about?]

In order to build a AR pistol you need to buy a lower that has never been built into a rifle, thus the virgin part. And stripped means no parts in the lower. I might just buy the lower with the LPK already installed, it comes out cheaper that way for some reason.

I'm going to go with a Stag lower and I'm looking hard at a BOHICA upper. Still haven't decided on a barrel length yet. I want it short but not too short. BOHICA offers a 6.25" barrel (pictured) but I think I might go with a 7.5".

Hopefully I can get this built for under a grand....

Click HERE if you'd like to see other people's AR pistol builds. (Dial-up beware.)