Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Shooting Lefty

No not shooting a lefty, shooting left handed.

I went and shot the action match at my gun club this past weekend.

Damn was it hot out, I was ready to go home after the 3rd stage.

On the first stage we had 6 targets and had to engage each with two shots.

Starting from left to right you had to shoot the left three, reload, shoot the right three, reload, shoot the left three again - strong hand only, reload, and finally shoot the right three - weak hand only.

I don't shoot weak hand much at all so I was really impressed on how well I did at hitting the targets.

This picture was taken just after I got done shooting the final target with my left hand. If you look close you can see the bullet holes.

Whoops, that was taken just before I started shooting with my weak hand. The holes in the cardboard were from the first string.

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