Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Don't mess with this 15 year old....

Intruder shot by teen with two guns

The man -- later identified by police as Keil Jumper -- kicked the door off its hinges and barged into the home about 3:30 a.m. Jumper, 22, lives on the Seminoles' reservation near Hollywood.

Javaris, who is 5-foot-6 and weighs about 125 pounds, took cover behind a wall, armed with a gun in each hand. One of the guns was a .38 caliber, but family members said Tuesday night they were unsure about the other gun.

''He was going crazy,'' Javaris said. ``I shot one time to let him know he had to leave. The dude didn't leave. He was looking at my eyes, trying to get closer.''

The gun in Javaris' right hand jammed, and he fired with the gun in his left, sending Jumper running from the single-story home. Javaris thought his shots missed the man, simply scaring him off.

''I was real scared. . . . When I was shooting, my main focus was protecting my mom and family,'' Javaris said.

Police found Jumper lying on the ground a few houses away, shot multiple times and bleeding from his wounds, said Hollywood police Capt. Tony Rode.

Jumper was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, where he was in serious condition Tuesday night.

''Preliminary investigation suggests it was a justifiable shooting, and the 15-year-old won't be charged,'' Rode said.

Police said the family did not know Jumper. Records show Jumper has served time in prison for cocaine possession, criminal mischief and throwing a deadly projectile into a home.

He was arrested Feb. 19 for battery and larceny and again on March 28 for larceny.

On Friday, the day before he allegedly broke into the Chandler home, Jumper was arrested by Seminole police for assault on an officer and resisting an officer.


"I thought he was going to kill me," Chandler said. "The most thing I need to stress is that 911 did not respond."

Good shooting....

Javaris thought his shots missed the man, simply scaring him off.

And that's why you don't stop shooting till the attacker drops or runs away.