Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well that was a fun vacation, if you take out the 600+ miles I had to drive. Why the hell don't people drive right anymore. I don't mean drive correctly, although a case could be made for that too, I mean driving in the right lane unless you're passing traffic going slower than you.

I'm by no means a speed demon on the highway, it's kinda hard when you're driving a four-banger, but I do normally drive 5-8 m.p.h. over the posted limit and it irks me so bad when some dumbass will not get over in the right lane when I'm on his/her ass flipping my lights. I know I could just pass them on the right but I was taught you don't do that. Matter of fact I think that's against the law to do so.

Other than the driving I had a good time.

I took my Mom out shooting handguns for the first time. We went to an indoor range in Ft. Myers. Nice range but the price for the ammo, you had to buy their ammo, was a bit steep. $16 for a 50 round box of .45ACP is freaking robbery! Cost me $60 to shoot there. Glad that was only a one time thing. I don't know how people that live around there deal with that. IIRC he said they're the only range between Sarasota and Miami so I guess he can charge what ever he wants.

Went to the beach one day. Woo-hoo a beach... yeah......hurrah......whoop-dee-F'n-doo.

Going to the Dog Track was fun though. I just hope I don't start going to the one here in Orange Park too much now.

I didn't do too bad betting. Started with $60 and ended up "winning" $46 or so. I spend more money going to the movies.

My cats were glad to see me once I picked them up on Mon. My male cat couldn't be given a bath cause he was too "aggressive." He's not aggressive, he's just got a good memory. Last time he was at that vet they chopped off his balls. I don't think I'd be too cooperative either!