Friday, April 21, 2006

Not again!!!


I've been looking to buy my first house for sometime now and it seems that every time I find one that I like, is in my price range, and is in a good location, someone swoops in just ahead of me and puts a contract on it.

And It happened again today!

I found a house online on Wednesday, called the agency that was selling it to make sure it still available, it was, drove by and checked it out that night and called the agency when I got home to set up a viewing. The viewing was supposed to happen tonight after I got off work so I called to make sure everything was set, was told everything was. Then I get a call back 5 minutes later and she tells me that it just went under contract!!



It's nuts here in JAX trying to find a good house under $200K. The market is insane right now but I think the longer I wait it's just gonna cost me that much more to buy a house.