Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DeLay goes bye-bye


WASHINGTON — Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will announce that he will not seek re-election to Congress and will not finish his current term, sources told FOX News late Monday.

The Texas Republican will likely make a farewell speech on Tuesday via video on his Web site with a transcript included. DeLay will resign his seat effective in the late spring or summer after the House Appropriations Committee, of which DeLay is a member, is done with its business, a high level Republican source said.

Damn, This kinda came outa the nowhere.

I'm sure there's gonna be some people that will gloat over this. Over at DU for example we see this delightful post by bluestateguy.

We brought down "Hot Tub" Tom DeLay. Take a bow folks -

Convicted or acquitted, it doesn't matter anymore. He is gone and no longer in a position to hurt the American people anymore.

This motherfucker will BURN IN HELL for what he did to Bill Clinton in rounding up votes for that bullshit impeachment (expunging the impeachment from the House record should be the first order of business in a new Democratic House)

Well isn't that nice. Plus someone needs to tell bluestateguy that impeaching Pres. Bush would be the 1st order of business if the dems take the house.

And it's just amazing that people so hell bent on getting Tom DeLay over look Hillary Clinton and all her corruption.