Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'll be gone for the next 5 days. I'm going down to Bonita Springs to see my Mom. She's flying down from IL to help my grandmother, who's selling her home in Bonita, drive back up to IL.

I'd rather drive 5hrs. and stay in FL than fly 5 hrs. and land in the gun hating state of IL.

Should be a fun time. Thursday is ladies day at a gun range in Fort Myers and I'm going to take my Mom shooting for her first time.

My cats are going to hate me though. One of them is going to get a haircut while she's being boarded at the vet. I bet they're going to have to dope her up cause she will not be held down with out a fight. And she still has all her claws.

I have an idiot for a Senator...

Florida U.S. Senator Bill Nelson addressed the problem in Tampa today. He says other fuel alternatives must be found in order to avoid a crisis.

Senator Bill Nelson:
“If we can combine ethanol with gasoline, reduce our dependence on oil, start buying more hybrids, therefore you’re using less fuel. The combination of the two can have dramatic effects on improving our energy crisis and lessening our use of foreign oil.”


You want to know how we can "lessening our use of foreign oil?"

DRILL FOR OUR OWN OIL SO WE CAN HAVE OUR OWN SUPPLY!!!!! For instance in ANWR and off the coast of Florida. So every time that nut over in Iran squawks about blowing up Israel the price of gas doesn't jump cause we wouldn't be dependent on them for oil.

It boggles the mind when these dems talk about "energy independence", they BLOCK every way that would make us independent!


Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm going to brave the crowds.....

.........and head out to a movie tonight. I normally go on Saturdays, but I want to see this movie bad.

Not again!!!


I've been looking to buy my first house for sometime now and it seems that every time I find one that I like, is in my price range, and is in a good location, someone swoops in just ahead of me and puts a contract on it.

And It happened again today!

I found a house online on Wednesday, called the agency that was selling it to make sure it still available, it was, drove by and checked it out that night and called the agency when I got home to set up a viewing. The viewing was supposed to happen tonight after I got off work so I called to make sure everything was set, was told everything was. Then I get a call back 5 minutes later and she tells me that it just went under contract!!



It's nuts here in JAX trying to find a good house under $200K. The market is insane right now but I think the longer I wait it's just gonna cost me that much more to buy a house.

Ahmadinejad's Demons

Read this and tell me the leader of Iran isn't certifiable.

[You don't have to be a subscriber to read it but you will need to register to the site, but it's worth doing to read this piece.]

Hugh Hewitt linked to it and was reading form it last night and I was amazed at what I was hearing. I knew Ahmadinejad was a nut case, but this goes way beyond that.

It's from The New Republic, and while I think TNR is a left leaning mag I think both the left and right here in the US can agree Iran and its' leader doesn't care about our political leanings.

Rush Translates ChiCom President Hu

This is a MUST hear.


Don't just read the transcript, save the audio and listen to it.

Michael Hiltzik - talking to himself...

The Times has suspended Michael Hiltzik’s Golden State blog on latimes.com. Hiltzik admitted Thursday that he posted items on the paper’s website, and on other websites, under names other than his own. That is a violation of The Times ethics guidelines, which requires editors and reporters to identify themselves when dealing with the public. The policy applies to both the print and online editions of the newspaper. The Times is investigating the postings.
This all started over at Patterico.

Hugh Hewitt is all over the "blog suspension" and has the LA times "Code of Ethics" posted with his comments interspersed, it's funny.


I left this over in the comment section of the suspension announcement, though I doubt it will ever be posted.

TO: LA Times Editors
RE : Blog suspension
I'm curious as to why you suspended "the blog?"

Did "the blog" do something wrong?

I had no idea blogs had become autonomous beings capable of acting on their own volition.

Wouldn't it make more sense to suspend, or fire, the author of the blog?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

OK , This guy is a nut......

And a sick nut at that......

Man offers $1,000 for young virgin bride

BRAY, Okla. A man is causing an uproar in this rural southwestern Oklahoma town by advertising that he'd like to pay for a young virgin to be his bride.

A sign that 45-year-old Michael Thelemann posted in his yard Sunday said he'll pay a $1,000 reward for a virgin bride between the ages of 12 and 24.

One of his neighbors says she feels like she's living near a pedophile and another says she fears for the safety of her three daughters.

Thelemann says he can't understand the uproar, especially since his grandmother married an older man when she was 14. He says he's getting up in years and wants a young wife who can bear him children.

Thelemann says his original sign was stolen but he's since erected a new one that doesn't include the minor ages. It does note, however, that he's not interested in a, quote, "pig-worshipping, heathen, white-supremacist wife," unquote.

Stephens County District Attorney Gene Christian says it's likely Thelemann is acting legally. But noting the recent killings of 10-year-old girls in Tulsa and Purcell, Christian says that Thelemann's timing isn't good.

I wonder if he's a he recent convert to Islam?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scott McClellan steps down...

It's about time.....

Now I hope someone with the ability to smack down the press corps will get the job.

Tony Snow's name is being whispered around, he even mentioned it on his radio show today, but has yet to make up his mind on it yet.

I think Tony would be good, or Tori Clark.


Now if Norm Minnita would get the F out I'd be really happy.

How does Google news pick what headlines pop up?

Cause this one is a bit odd...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

From the Betty The Crow news org.....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Damn You Gravity!!!

So I'm at the grocery store last night picking up a 12 pack of beer and as I'm walking out and all of the sudden the 12 pack got much lighter.

Seems someone didn't use enough glue on the bottom and 3 bottles slipped out. Two of them shattered on the floor and beer went everywhere.

At least the store was cool about it, they just told me to go grab another 12-pack and they'd clean it up.

I'm just glad I didn't get pulled over on the way home. It would have been real funny trying to explain to the cop why I smelled like a brewery.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Delta Force Vets Dismiss Claims Of 'The Unit' Writer


Damn, talk about taking someone to the wood shed.

Mr. Glock Fo-tay sues the US.

DEA Agent Who Shot Self In Foot Sues U.S

Say what?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Paging Captain Obvious.......

Secretary Snow Admits U.S. Tax Code is Incomprehensible

WASHINGTON, April 10 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Institute for Policy Innovation (IPI) Economist and Senior Research Fellow Dr. Lawrence A. Hunter released the following statement:

"Treasury Secretary John Snow finally admitted to the Congress what every American taxpayer has known for years: the Internal Revenue Code is incomprehensible and unintelligible even to the experts who prepare the tax returns, enforce the law and collect the taxes.

'The problem you're talking about,' Snow told a U.S. Senate subcommittee, 'is the bewildering complexity of the code itself.'

"Senator Patty Murray of Washington State, apparently more concerned about the federal government's ability to collect revenue than about the tremendous burden the tax code places on the American people, hammered the Secretary to enforce the code and collect federal taxes despite its bewildering complexity.

"When Murray insisted it is still necessary to enforce the law no matter how impossible the code is to understand, Snow responded by quoting his wife as saying: 'How do you expect people to comply with the tax code when I, a reasonably intelligent person who had a course in the taxes, can hardly figure it out myself?' Yes, Senator Murray, how do you expect people to comply with your handiwork? Rather than scape-goating the firms that prepare our taxes, shouldn't you be working to fix the mess you and your congressional colleagues created?

"President Ronald Reagan said it best in 1983: 'Our federal tax system is, in short, utterly impossible, utterly unjust and completely counterproductive...(it) reeks with injustice and is fundamentally un-American... it has earned a rebellion and it's time we rebelled.'

"Secretary Snow's candid admission is courageous and laudable in a town where frankness and honesty are in short supply but it hardly constitutes the 'rebellion' Ronald Reagan called for. The question now, Mr. Secretary, is what are you going to do about it? Are you simply going to complain about it and continue to fine and penalize taxpayers and their tax preparers who make honest mistakes, or are you and the President going to send the Congress a tax reform plan to remedy this unconscionable situation? The voters await your answer with anticipation as they prepare to go to the polls in November."

Well, DUH!

Friday, April 07, 2006

About that fence.......

In the grand "Senate compromise" bill on immigration, that will do nothing other than grant amnesty and set up a situation where in 10 years we'll be doing this same song and dance all over again, there was mention and hope that there would be a provision in the bill that stated there would be a fence.

Guess again.

Hugh Hewitt links to Sen. Frist's blog that says this bill will "Begin the process of securing every inch of our 1,951 mile border with Mexico by building walls and fences in high traffic areas and using sensors to let our Customs and Border Patrol Agents see and hear those who try and cross through low traffic areas"

Last night James Lileks explanis what that means.

HH: All right. Let's go to immigration. What do you think?

JL: Well, El Diablo's in the details, isn't it? My first thought earlier this week was you know, let's just annex Mexico. Let's beat them to the punch. Let's just make Mexico the 51st state, but then I realized of course, once all of the Mexicans are Americans, then they won't do the jobs that Americans won't do. So then, we're back at square one. So we have to come up with something like we have now. And anybody in the base, the most frightening words to the base is a bill that is acceptable to the Senate.

HH: Yup.

JL: And anything that comes out with the word compromise makes people twitch. And anything that has the wrong people grinning and shaking hands ought to tell you that something is afoot. And what is afoot is, as I said last week, little. I think you're going to get a lot of palaver, and a lot of rhetoric, and if you get a fence, maybe they're going to stack two or three Lego blocks on top and strew a couple of shards of aluminum foil, and call that a fence. But I don't think you're going to get the kind of fence you need. I don't think you're going to get the kind of enforcement that you need. What you probably will get is some sort of package that leads to, well, none dare call it amnesty, of course, but you'll get something that leads to legality without the other enforcement mechanism. And it's going to be...I fear it's going to be more of the same, because they never get this right. Do you trust, for example, this current Congress as constituted, to tackle this with the fervor and the rigor that it needs? And if you do, point to me something else where they've gone after it and done what needed to be done.

HH: Let me read to you a paragraph from the Washington Times update on this. Minority leader Harry Reid, talking to reporters with Mr. Frist at his side, said the proposal, "is not perfect, but a big step in the right direction. We're looking like we may be able to dance this afternoon."

JL: Yes, to dance, yeah.

HH: It gets better.

JL: How about if these guys waltz a little less, and start to step on some toes, is what I'd like to see.

HH: However, even if Democrats and Republicans in the Senate reach an agreement on the compromise, it still would need to be approved by the House Republicans, who are expected to reject it outright. Asked by reporters if Senate leaders had discussed the plan with House Judiciary Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, an ardent opponent of anything that smacks of amnesty, Mr. Reid said, dismissively, "Chairman who?" At that, Mr. Frist quickly adjourned the press conference with Mr. Reid.

JL: Yeah, Chairman Who. There you go. That's that sort of nuance and ability to work with the other side that we admire about Mr. Reid. That's right. And of course, if the base doesn't turn out, that's the guy that's going to be calling the shots in a couple of years.

HH: And I then go to Bill Frist's website, and I had heard earlier today that there was a fence. You know what it says?

JL: What?

HH: Begin the process...

JL: Yeah.

HH: ...of securing every inch of our 1,951 mile border with Mexico by building walls and fences in high traffic areas, and using sensors to let our Customs and Border Patrol agents see and hear those who try and cross the low traffic areas.

JL: And begin the process, in Washington terms, means...

HH: Nothing!

JL: ...it means impanel a commission that will, 90 days from the date of its start, will tell us whether or not the blue ribbon panel to follow will be cerulean blue or royal blue.

HH: Yeah. It is...

JL: And then we'll vote on that...we'll hammer that out in the compromise to have a different shade of blue, and then maybe we can get the blue ribbon commission to study whether or not it is possible in the future to consider the likelihood of maybe constructing a fund for a prototype for a bridge for a wall in Canada. And that's what you're going to get.

HH: And I wanted a map with the lines with a highlighter on them, here's where the fence is going, and we're suspending any environmental law that would otherwise, as we had...you know, we had a fence in San Diego that was unfinished for five years because of the California Gnatcatcher, or something.

JL: Right. If there's some sacred toad in the area, you might as well forget about it.

HH: So what is the long and the short of this, James?

JL: The long and the short is what I said last week. What we need is a fence, what we need is good legal immigration, lots of it, because the country's founded on it. We need assimilation, we need a path to legality. I'm sorry, but it has to happen, because we can't deport, and we need a lot of enforcement, and we need to deport the people who are here who are criminals. And I don't think any of that is going to happen to the extent that it needs to be done.

HH: Thomas Friedman today, a very high fence with a very wide gate.

JL: That's a nice phrase, isn't it?

HH: It was. I liked that. Did you hear Christopher Hitchens talking about immigration?

JL: Yes, I did.

HH: And Mark Steyn, both of them. They really have no truck with these people at all.

JL: (laughing) I know they don't. Well, anybody who has had any contact whatsoever with the INS, and I've only had it second hand, seems to be a branch of the government that is designed specifically to make every other branch look better in comparison.

HH: Yeah, I think it's the DMV at the federal level.

JL: It makes the DMV look like Jack Bauer's operation, for Heaven's sakes.

HH: By the way...

JL: Yeah.

HH: What is the President up to in 24?

JL: I don't know. I'm on Season 1, episode 5, so SHUT UP about 24 already.

HH: (laughing) Thank you, Lileks.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Oh, boy here we go again.........

Some how the MSM couldn't force themselves to say that President Bush authorized the release of information. He did not "leak" anything.

The Smoking gun (The website)

From the filing, page 23:

As to the meeting on July 8, defendant testified that he was specifically authorized in advance of the meeting to disclose the key judgments of the classified NIE to Miller on that occasion because it was thought that the NIE was “pretty definitive” against what Ambassador Wilson had said and that the Vice President thought that it was “very important” for the key judgments of the NIE to come out. Defendant further testified that he at first advised the Vice President that he could not have this conversation with reporter Miller because of the classified nature of the NIE. Defendant testified that the Vice President later advised him that the President had authorized defendant to disclose the relevant portions of the NIE. Defendant testified that he also spoke to David Addington, then Counsel to the Vice President, whom defendant considered to be an expert in national security law, and Mr. Addington opined that Presidential authorization to publicly disclose a document amounted to a declassification of the document.

NOT a "leak".

Bill in FL Congress - Firearm confiscation during an emergency

HB 285 - Emergency Management

GENERAL BILL by Needelman (CO-SPONSORS) Altman; Baxley; Clarke; Culp; Harrell; Kendrick; Kreegel; Legg; Murzin; Stansel

Emergency Management: Provides construction with respect to the seizure, taking, or confiscation of firearms during a local state of emergency or an emergency that is beyond local control.

Effective Date: upon becoming a law.

Looks like this is a response from all the bullshit confiscations that took place in NOLA during Katrina.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

OK, how is this not Amnesty?!?

From what I heard on the radio this morning the "plan" breaks down like this. If you're an illegal and have been in the US more than five years, and can prove it, you can stay, get a work visa, and work towards citizenship. If you've been here less than five years you get booted.

So how is this not amnesty and how would this plan prevent more people from storming over the boarder in hope of getting "in line" for the NEXT amnesty?

By SUZANNE GAMBOA / Associated Press

Senate Republicans searching for a compromise on whether more than 11 million illegal immigrants should be allowed to eventually seek citizenship moved toward limiting that opportunity to those who've lived in the country at least five years.

Negotiators who met for about an hour late Monday evening in the office of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., seemed to have settled on five years as a demarcation for who could remain and work and eventually earn citizenship.

Details were to be provided to other Senate Republicans at their closed-door Tuesday morning meeting.

"We're looking at the roots concept, and that is if they have been here more than five years," said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "If they have been here less then five years and they do not have roots to the same extent and can be treated differently, and that is what we're looking at."

The fate of those with less time in the country was unclear, but Specter suggested they might be asked to go to ports of entry, like the Texas border city of El Paso, and would not have to return to their native countries.

A similar proposal made in Specter's committee received little support.

However, the idea seemed to have some support from Frist, who told CNN over the weekend that 40 percent of illegal immigrants have been in the country less than five years and "need to be dealt with in a different fashion."

The Senate is in its second week of debate and pressure is on to have a bill by the end of the week. Frist scheduled only two weeks of debate on immigration and the Senate has yet to resolve which of the three major immigration proposals will move forward.

A bill approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee — based on a proposal by Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. — would allow illegal immigrants in the United States before Jan. 7, 2004, and who have jobs, to work legally for an additional six years and eventually become citizens.

Both Frist and McCain are considered likely candidates for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

A separate bill filed by Frist does not deal with illegal immigrants, but boosts border enforcement and cracks down on employers who hire illegal workers. The House in December passed a bill that would make being in the country illegally a felony.

Opponents consider the Judiciary Committee bill amnesty. Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., would give illegal immigrants up to five years to leave the country, before they can return legally to apply for permanent residence or be guest workers.

Cornyn was not at the meeting at Frist's office, but his spokesman Don Stewart was skeptical of the suggested compromise.

"It's a matter of giving amnesty to 8 million people or giving amnesty to 12 million people. It's still amnesty to millions of people," Stewart said.

DeLay goes bye-bye


WASHINGTON — Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will announce that he will not seek re-election to Congress and will not finish his current term, sources told FOX News late Monday.

The Texas Republican will likely make a farewell speech on Tuesday via video on his Web site with a transcript included. DeLay will resign his seat effective in the late spring or summer after the House Appropriations Committee, of which DeLay is a member, is done with its business, a high level Republican source said.

Damn, This kinda came outa the nowhere.

I'm sure there's gonna be some people that will gloat over this. Over at DU for example we see this delightful post by bluestateguy.

We brought down "Hot Tub" Tom DeLay. Take a bow folks -

Convicted or acquitted, it doesn't matter anymore. He is gone and no longer in a position to hurt the American people anymore.

This motherfucker will BURN IN HELL for what he did to Bill Clinton in rounding up votes for that bullshit impeachment (expunging the impeachment from the House record should be the first order of business in a new Democratic House)

Well isn't that nice. Plus someone needs to tell bluestateguy that impeaching Pres. Bush would be the 1st order of business if the dems take the house.

And it's just amazing that people so hell bent on getting Tom DeLay over look Hillary Clinton and all her corruption.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Get your bids ready....

Gov't Liquidation

People please.............

........remove the Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers from your car.

Ya lost and there's no reason to keep them stuck to your car.


NYP April 3, 2006 -- WASHINGTON - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has quietly stepped up her fight for tighter gun control by signing on to a new push to make public a national database of weapons used in crimes and illegal sales.

Her résumé on gun control, a pet issue among the Democratic Party's liberal base, includes calls for a ban on assault weapons and so-called "cop killer" armor-piercing ammo - yet she hasn't personally taken a lead role in any gun legislation in this Congress.

Her silent shuffle to the left on the lightning-rod issue is sure to rankle the powerful National Rifle Association and gun-loving heartland voters who will decide the 2008 White House race.