Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Those Crazy Canadian Cops....


A 20-year veteran from the Ottawa Police East Division is under criminal investigation after his police-issued gun was fired into the finished basement floor of his south-end home on Saturday, Ottawa police said last night.

Police would not release the officer's name, rank, home address or how many people were involved. They would also not say who fired the gun, only that the incident involved at least one person under 18.

"We are trying to determine who had possession of the firearm at the time of the discharge," said East Division Supt. Charles Bordeleau.

Police have launched a two-pronged investigation. One will examine whether the officer, a non-commissioned, middle-level manager, followed the Criminal Code and internal regulations in properly storing his Glock .40-calibre, semi-automatic weapon.


The other will investigate the actual firing of the gun.

The officer, who has had his gun seized and was not given a replacement, informed Ottawa police Sunday that his gun had been discharged the night before.

Under the law, guns must be stored in locked cabinets with the ammunition separate. Ottawa police also give officers a cable lock to secure firearms.

Police have recovered bullet fragments from the basement. Only one shot was believed to have been fired, said Bordeleau.

"There are a number of items that have been recovered that will form part of their investigation," he said.

Bordeleau said he did not know if the officer involved had previous infractions.

If no one was hurt why would you tell someone???