Thursday, March 02, 2006

Sighted in my AR yesterday.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday here in JAX. The weather man said the beginning mid-week it be sunny and clear so I brought my gun and stuff to work and headed to the range straight from work. Damn was he right, it was about 80 out when I got to the range. I love living in FL.

I had two boxes of 40 rounds with me to shoot.

Funny thing about shooting the AR. I got a better hit when I shot quick. Meaning if I took the time, more than 3 seconds to aim, my shot wasn't as good as if I got my sight picture, fired, realigned my sight picture after the recoil (what little recoil there and fired as soon as I was on target.

Here's the target I shot at last. I'm pretty sure there's 20 shots there. 4 strings of 5.

This was @25 yards, iron sights, on a sand bag rest.

(click for larger pic)
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I still think I can do better and I think the barrel isn't fully broken in yet, yesterday only made 200 round total through it.