Friday, March 10, 2006

Shotgun Fun......

I took my new Shotgun out last night to the gun range after work and fired a box of shells through it.

What fun, and I was just shooting bird shot. I can't wait to hit some silhouettes with some 00 buck next time.

The last time I shot a shotgun was about 10 years ago and was just a single shot 12 gauge. Pumps are a tad bit different, and more fun.

Sorry I don't have some better pic, I even forgot to take a picture of the gun (D'oh), but there was another shooter that would not stop talking to me. I don't know why the hell he would not shut-up and just let me shoot. He was a nice guy and all but I don't need to hear someone tell me how cheap they can get guns and about every gun in his collection. I mean come on it's 4:45 and the range closes at 6, let me shoot!

Here's a before and after pic of a box I shot.

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