Monday, March 20, 2006

Men Hold Up Grocery Store [Massachusetts]

METHUEN, Mass. -- A brazen robbery frightened customers at the Market Basket grocery store in Methuen, Mass. Thursday night.

Two armed men rushed into the store; one was holding an assault rifle.

The scene was captured on the store's security video.

The customers inside placed calls to 911.

"There's a holdup a holdup at Market Basket, Methuen, Massachusetts, 70 Pleasant Street," one caller said. "There are two guys; one of the guys has two guns."

Methuen police said the second robber was holding a semiautomatic handgun in each hand.

The robbery took less than one minute.

Police say one man ran to the cash office. The other ordered customers to get down.

"He just repeated, 'Get on the ground, get on the ground, stay on the ground,' and waited for the second subject," Methuen Police Capt. Kristopher McCarthy said.

Police said a third person was waiting outside in a getaway car.

That car, a Nissan Maxima, was reported stolen from the parking lot at the Rockingham Park Mall in Salem, N.H.

It was found in Lawrence, Mass. following the robbery.

Police said it is fortunate nobody was hurt.

McCarthy said, "The fear the customers were put in was unimaginable in that magnitude of this type of crime."

Police said the men knew what they were doing and that is cause for concern.

"We are concerned that they could strike another store," McCarthy said. "If not in Methuen, Southern New Hampshire or somewhere in the New England area."

Anyone with information about the robbery should call the Methuen Police Department Crime Tip Line at (978) 983-8794.


I caught a tease about this on my local news about 8:00 Friday night and had to stay up until 10pm to find out where this took place. When I found out it happened in MA I wasn't surprised.

I wonder if MA will now add grocery shopping to the list of reasons that you can use when applying for a CCW permit? MA isn't a SHALL ISSUE state, you need to have a "reason" to carry a gun concealed.

Click on the link to watch the local MA new report with the video of the robbery.