Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So I applied for a new job.

I forgot to mention this when it happened but I figure I should post about it. The Circus was in town a few weeks ago and I went one day for a show.

While I'm there I see a sign that says "Ever thought of joining the Circus? We're hiring, apply now."

I thought "What the hell, I got time to waste, let's see where this goes."

So I talk to the information guy and he tells me that I need to stay after the show and someone will talk with me about an opening they have, he doesn't say what the job is.

While I'm waiting I see the cute little blond standing against the wall. We start talking and it turns out that she is applying for the job also. And she also doesn't know what the open position is.

After awhile this guy comes up to us and say we need to follow him.

We walk down onto the main floor and next to a lion cage. I'm thinking "What the F***?"

The guy says "Well we've got one position open and it's for a lion tamer's apprentice."

"Here's what I'm going to have you both do." He says "Separately, I'll have both of you go into the lion's cage with a chair and a whip and see how the lion reacts to you and how you react to the lion."

The cute little blond pipes up and says "I'll go first."

OK, Fine with me.

So she steps into the cage and puts the chair and the whip down next to the door then walk right up to the lion. The lion, who was laying down, get up and put both his paws on her shoulders and starts to lick all over her face.

The guy doing the "interview" turns to me and says "You think you can do better than that?"

I say "Yeah, as long as you keep the lion out of the cage."