Monday, February 13, 2006

My Glock 30 started F'ing up yesterday

I was at the gun range yesterday firing off my G30 and G34 and had no problems w/ the G34 but the G30 started having FTFi's.

Now for full disclosure this is NOT a all stock G30. I have a LaserMax, a Ghost Ultimate Rocket #3.5 trigger connector, and a trigger/triggerbar for a G20/21.

At first I thought it might be the LaserMax that was causing the problem by not fully putting the round into battery. So I swapped out that and put in the stock spring and slide lock. I then had two FTFi's one right after the other.

That's when I took the slide apart and found that my firing pin had marks on it that looks to be made from the FP hitting the FPS.

I think the trigger/trigger bar from the G20/21 isn't pushing up the FPS fully and is causing the marks.

I'll be ordering new parts today, a FP & FPS. I've already put the G30's original trigger back in.

At least the problem showed it self at the range and not in a case where I needed the gun to save my life. My G30 is my carry gun.

And no, I'm not carrying the G30 today. I've got my G34 strapped on which is a bit harder to conceal since I only have a OWB holster and it's a long slide.


2-14 Update: Oops. I've got a Ghost ROCKET, not a Ghost Ultimate.

I think that's the problem. I don't think the Rocket was ever trimmed properly.