Monday, February 20, 2006

Mon. Feb 20

I guess I should post why I haven't been posting much.

Two main things really.

My laptop at home took a nose dive, thanks to one of my cats, and the screen is now faded to the point where you can't see what's on it. So I can't post during the weekends or after work.


I've had to start learning another drawing program at work. I've been using Autocad for years and I'm now switching over to a program called Vectorworks.

VW isn't all bad. It has its' good points, you can say do a report from a drawing and it will write up all the hardware and symbols (custom parts) in the drawing.

The main bad part is that the way the "Help" manual explains things is pathetically vague.



Glock 30
Well, my gun shop guy talked to Glock and they're sending me a whole slew of things for my gun free of charge.

IIRC they're sending me a new trigger/trigger bar, trigger housing, Firing pin spring, and Firing pin safety.

I can't remember if he said they're sending along a new firing pin or not. But that doesn't really matter, I bought a new one last week and will just keep my old one as a back up.

My BBAGA gun should, should be in today. DPMS called my gun shop guy, who placed the order, last Monday and told him it was being shipped out. It still wasn't here on Friday so he'll be calling them today and getting a tracking number. It shouldn't take more than 4 days to ship something from St. Cloud, MN to JAX, FL.

I'm gonna be PISSED if some po'dunk UPS or FED-EX driver stole my gun.

Well, I gotta get back to work.


Oh yeah, there is one good thing that will be happening today at my work, THE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ARRIVE!!