Monday, February 27, 2006

Microwaved Penis Turns Out To Be Fake

PITTSBURGH -- It turns out the microwaved penis was a fake.

A convenience store clerk in the Pittsburgh area was freaked out when she thought she had put a severed penis in the store's microwave oven.

The clerk said a couple came into the store and asked her to heat up something for them. The clerk did and caught a glimpse of what she thought was a penis wrapped in paper towels.

McKeesport police Chief Joseph Pero said the woman who came into the store with the fake penis was actually trying to cheat on a job application drug test.

Prosthetic penises that contain drug-free urine are sold on the Internet. According to the woman, the couple stopped to warm the device in the microwave so the urine would pass the body temperature test.

Police plan to interview the woman Monday.

The headline gets my vote for best of the month.