Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Iran launches ”Holocaust competition”

A Holocaust cartoon competition has been launched in one of Iran's leading newspapers in response to criticism over Muslim protests of cartoons picturing the Prophet Muhammad.

The Hamshahri daily Holocaust competition will be a test to see whether or not freedom of expression is a right of the Muslim world as well the west. "Western newspapers published these caricatures, which constitute desecration, under the pretense of freedom of expression," said the newspaper's graphic editor, Farid Mortazawi.

"Let's see if they mean what they say once we publish Holocaust caricatures," he added.

I was just listening to Bill Bennett's show and on of his sidekicks, I think Seth, asked this question.

"Since Iran's newspapers are run by the state and the President of Iran has come out and said the Holocaust didn't happen. How can they make cartoons of something that didn't happen?"

That is a bit of a quandary.