Wednesday, February 01, 2006

If you think I was joking about the cops doing paperwork comment...... what John Anderson cites over on his blog.

"Police not required to protect individual citizens. In Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d 1, 1981), the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled, "official police personnel and the government employing them are not generally liable to victims of criminal acts for failure to provide adequate police protection ... this uniformly accepted rule rests upon the fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular citizen ... a publicly maintained police force constitutes a basic governmental service provided to benefit the community at large by promoting public peace, safety and good order." In Bowers v. DeVito (686 F. 2d 616, 1982), the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled, "(T)here is no constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen."

So if they are not supposed to protect you, then who is responsible for your safety ?"

It's like the old saying goes, "I'd rather have a .45 in my hand than a 911 operator on the phone."