Monday, February 27, 2006

I should've brought my sleeping bag to the range......

.......I was there all weekend.

Saturday I got there about 8:30 am to help set up the action pistol match only to find out it had been canceled. The weather was kinda shitty but it wasn't raining so I don't know why it got canceled. No big deal for me, it just meant I could break in my AR sooner.

It sucked for a buddy of mine's friend though, he drove 4 hours down from Georgia to come to the shoot. It wasn't a total waste of a trip for his kid though, we went down to the 200 yd. range and he got to fire a .45-70. Watching him fire the gun was pretty uneventful but the expression on his face when the owner of the gun told him to make sure he held it tight to his shoulder or it could break his collar bone was priceless.

After that I left the range and headed to the gun store to pick up a few things and I had to run back home to get all my cleaning junk.

I picked up some cleaning stuff at the gun store and found out that the parts for my Glock 30 came in. Glock sent me a new FPS, FPS spring, FP spring, and the Trigger/trigger bar w/ the "-1" marked, all at no charge. I bought a new FP from glockmeister and replaced my old one.

So now I get back to the range with all my cleaning supplies and get set up. Oh, the reason I needed all the cleaning stuff is that I wanted to break in the barrel properly, or at least how the factory suggests it.

Here's what the factory suggests.

"To achieve the best results for accuracy you should clean the chamber and bore after every round for the first 25 rounds and then every 10 rounds up to 100 rounds. It usually takes about 200 rounds per barrel for optimum accuracy."

It took me, I kid you not, 4 hours to fire and clean the first 20 rounds.

I'm sure I could have done it faster if I was allowed to clean the gun when the line was cold, but no one is allowed to touch their guns when the line is cold.

I cleaned the barrel after every shot for the first 20 and then after every 10. I shot 75 total rounds on Sat.

Being that this is my first AR and I don't have any prior experience shooting one I'm not really sure how good/bad mine is or how it compares to others. I do know that I've put 115 rounds down range and haven't had a problem yet. Unlike the guy that was shooting a Bushmaster next to me on Sun. His rifle wasn't ejecting the round if he only loaded one round in the mag.

I did get a chance to fire another guy's AR on Sat., to check out his scope and trigger. He said he had a two stage trigger in his cause he didn't like the long slack in others. After comparing mine to his I'd have to say I prefer mine. Mine only has about 3/16" pull before you get a nice clean break and it fires. His had about a 3/8" pull, that was lighter than mine, but felt squishy. I let him fire my gun and he said he liked my trigger too.

I was a the range till it closed at 6 on sat.

I also got to fire a Mosin-Nagant on Sat. too, man that thing does kick like a mule. I think I need to pick up one of those next fun show.

Sunday I got back there a little after noon and started at the handgun range making sure my G30 was in working order now. I put about 60 rounds down range without a hiccup so I'm hoping it won't develop this problem again.

After that I went back to the rifle range about put another 40 through the AR, still cleaning after every 10, on Sun.

While I was at the rifle range there was a few guys shooting some M1 Garands. They finished up about ten minutes after I got there but we bull shitted for a few and they said they were going down to the rapid fire, members only, handgun range.

I told them I still had about 200 rounds of 9mm and some good human body silhouettes we could put some holes through. They said "Sure when you're done with your rifle come on down and find us."

I got done and headed down to the rapid fire range and met up with them and only fired 100 rounds. One of the guys let me shoot his HK .45. I loaded it, took aim at the target, pulled the trigger, and nothing happened.......I'm so spoiled by my Glock I forgot to flip off the safety. D'oh.

The other guy let me fire his High-Point 9mm compact. Damn that thing looks like a boat anchor but it fired pretty good.

Well, that was my weekend. Hopefully next time I remember to take some pictures of my targets. I still need to sight in the AR. Not only the rifle's sights but learning the right sight picture and learning how to hold it the same on every shot. My groups with the AR so far have been about 3" at 25 yrds. I know the rifle and me can do better than that......