Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I introduce you to the latest criminal life saving device.

Or A.K.A. the "Please Mr. Killer don't shoot me while I unlock my gun" device.


This one is a bit different, this one looks like it could really mess up your gun.

It looks like it's some type of Cam-lock so be prepared for your chamber to be altered over time.

Not to mention that there's a very high chance you'll chip your extractor because, at least on Glocks, putting a round into the chamber and letting the slide go into battery is never suggested.

Plus on the pistol models I really don't think it's a good idea to put the "key" down the barrel!! If you forget and have a live round in the chamber and you have a negligent discharge your new nick name will be "Mr. Stump."

And If it's a "self-centering" key like they're describing that means you'd be rubbing against the rifling in the barrel while going backwards! Big no-no. I've always been told if you push something down the barrel it should go the same way the bullet travels.


It drives me nuts to see states pass law the require gun owners to keep their guns locked. Hell in DC I don't even think you can keep a gun assembled!

Now I'm all for keeping kids safe, I regularly use a cable lock on my gun when I go visit my kin up in GA. When I'm up there unless I'm wearing my gun it's locked.

This is just overkill......