Monday, February 06, 2006

An AK-47 followed me home from the gun show...

I went to the gun show here in JAX on Saturday not really looking to buy much, I only had $350 cash in hand. If I bring more I spend more. I got there and bought a few parts for my Glock, I'm now down to $332.

I walked around for awhile seeing what was for sale and how much each table wanted for the same gun.

After mulling around for about a 1/2 hour I came across a table selling NIB AK's (WASR-10) for $319.

I asked him if he'd take $320 tax included. He said no they're already marked down from $449.00 [cough] **bullshit** [/cough] . Then I asked how much that would be with tax? $347 he says. I told him I had $330 cash and that's it. His response.........."Give me your drivers license."

Got it home and tore it apart for a cleaning. Wow. Did they chisel these parts out steel?

I took it out to the range yesterday along with my SKS and shot about 20 rounds though each. It was too damn windy out.

The AK kicks a bit more than the SKS, but I did have one jam with the SKS and the AK shot without a hitch.

I am wondering about one thing though, WTH I'm I supposed to do with the little canteen that came in the box? Is that for oil or something?

Here's a pic of the new beast.

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