Sunday, January 15, 2006

What a MADHOUSE!!!

I went to the gun show yesterday I got a few things.

The place was PACKED. I got there about 10am and the parking lot was already almost full.

Walking around inside was a pain, people were shoulder to shoulder at some points and trying to go against the flow was impossible.

It was like people were going through gun-show withdrawal and had the get a gun fix.

I didn't get everything I wanted.

The place where I normally get my snap caps was out of 9mm and I didn't get anymore hostage targets cause I can't make it to the range in time after work due to the time of the sun setting and there's another gun show in 2 weeks and I can just get them then.

I did get my new trigger/trigger bar for my G30 and installed it today. It's a much nicer feel than that "sports" trigger that comes stock.

I got a few things for my new AR too.

I picked up 1000 rounds of mixed stampted .223 for $160 and two Colt 30 round Magazines.