Monday, January 30, 2006

Weekend with my Glock 34....

I did a bit of shooting this weekend.

Had a blast of a time on Saturday at the Action Match. Hell of a nice day, it got up into the 70's. (Damn I love living in FL.)

Here's a few pics from the match. We had 5 stages in total but these two were the most fun. The others were just steel and paper.

I especially liked the last stage with the 5-star and the turning target.

I went to the range Sunday and while talking to another guy about his G34's trigger I had him pull the trigger on mine cause I have a different trigger connector and I've sanded down the trigger safety a bit to reduce "Glock finger." After he pulled my trigger he said "Your trigger feels 'gritty'." He let me pull the trigger on his G34 and boy was he right, there was something hanging up in my gun.

After getting home and fooling around with the G34 I came to the conclusion that the trigger bar was rubbing the trigger housing during the trigger pull. I did a small bit of sanding on the trigger housing and I think I've fixed it.

Although I can't be sure because I DROPPED MY FIRING PIN SAFETY DOWN THE SINK!!

My FPS was peeling and I was trying to remove the excess plating on it.

I'm glad there's a gun show at the fairgrounds this weekend, buying a new FPS will be much easier than tearing apart my sink to find a $2.00 part.