Friday, January 13, 2006

Something Senator Chuckie said caught my ear.....

I was watching yesterday's Alito hearings this morning before walking out the door and Senator "I have a permit to carry a gun but you can't" Schumer said something that I thought was pretty interesting and telling.

Here's what he said.

SCHUMER: I do have a few other issues that I do want to talk to you about. But, first, there's just a general question on presidential power.

Let's just assume that it was found that the president's right to wiretap people, the way we're discussing it now in terms of the recent NSA revelations, was found constitutional.

Would there be a different standard if, say, the president -- does that necessarily allow the president to then go ahead and go into people's homes here in America, American citizens, without a warrant?

Does the one necessarily lead to the other?

ALITO: I would have to understand -- I would have to see the ground for holding the wiretapping or the electronic surveillance constitutional before seeing whether it would apply in the case of other searches and seizures.

SCHUMER: But let's assume it is constitutional.


Wanna know why Schumer wants to "assume it is constitutional?"


Looked to me like Schumer was trying to set a trap.