Thursday, January 12, 2006

Kerry: "Iran has made a silly decision"

HYDERABAD, India (Reuters) - U.S. Senator and former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry said on Thursday that Iran was making a dangerous choice in pushing ahead with its nuclear ambitions.

"Iran has made a dangerous and silly decision of confronting not just the U.S. government but the entire international community," Kerry told reporters in the southern Indian technology hub of Hyderabad during a visit to India.

Kerry's statement came as officials from Britain, France and Germany plan to meet their counterparts from China, Russia and the United States in London next week to discuss Iran's decision to restart sensitive nuclear work.

Kerry said Iran could be referred to the U.N. Security Council if the crisis continued.

"If all diplomatic channels fail, we have no choice but to take the issue before the international body," Kerry, a strong proponent of nuclear non-proliferation, said.

Separately in London, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said he thought it highly probable that Iran would be referred to the Security Council over its decision to restart sensitive nuclear work.

Silly? Silly?

Is he f*#%ing serious?


There's nothing "silly" about Iran making the choice to build a nuclear bomb and pissing in the face of the rest of the world while they do it.

Silly is when shoot your co-worker with a rubber ban or put tape on the underside of their mouse and sit back and watch them try and figure out why its not working.

BUILDING A NUCLEAR BOMB on the other hand.......................

And this man wants to be the President!