Monday, January 09, 2006

If I hear one more lefty say ......

...... "Judge Alito is 'replacing' Sandra Day O'Connor." I think I'm gonna pop!

Sam Alito is not "replacing" anyone, he's filling a vacant seat on the SCOTUS.

Yet we've got DiFi and Kate Michelman, ex-pres of NARAL, among others saying exactly that.

HUME: What else concerns you, Senator Feinstein, about this nomination?

FEINSTEIN: Well, obviously, I come from a state that is 71 percent supportive of Roe. The American people, according to the latest ABC poll — 60 percent supportive of Roe. This is a pivotal question. And he's in a pivotal spot because of Sandra Day O'Connor's particular position on the court, where she was dispositive in so many 5-4 votes.


MR. RUSSERT: So unless he pledges to uphold Roe v. Wade, he should be filibustered.

MS. MICHELMAN: Well, I don’t think Roe v. Wade and whether Roe v. Wade is going to be overturned is really the issue. That’s a parlor game inside of Washington. What is at issue is the individual right to privacy and dignity for American women and the issue of who’s going to get to decide the most intimate aspects of our lives. Judge Alito replaces Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a justice who was the critical and decisive fifth vote that protected women’s legal rights, including their right to reproductive choice, and Judge Alito’s record indicates very clearly that he approaches the law very different from Justice O’Connor, that he will swing the court dangerously and differently against women’s rights and not just our right to reproductive freedom but, you know, our rights to affirmative action.


For this to be true and for the Democrats to have ANY argument then they should have been up in arms when Ruth Bader Ginsburg "replaced" Byron White.


If a President had to "replace" a Justice with one of the same judicial view, then Clinton should have appointed one with the exact views of Justice White instead of Ginsburg who held the exact opposite views.


Sen. Dorgan too...

Dorgan said senators will "take note" that Alito is replacing O'Connor, a swing vote on abortion and other issues.