Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Official: Israel Not on Our Agenda

Now this, this is a misleading headline.

When you first read it you'd think that Hamas has changed its' stance and will leave Israel alone. WRONG!

A senior Hamas official on Thursday said recognizing Israel and negotiations with the Jewish state are "not on our agenda" after the group apparently won a decisive victory in legislative elections.

"Negotiations with Israel is not on our agenda," said Mushir al-Masri, who won election in his home district in the northern Gaza Strip. "Recognizing Israel is not on the agenda either now."

Earlier Thursday, officials from both Hamas and the ruling Fatah Party said Hamas appeared to have won a majority of parliamentary seats in the elections. The Palestinian Cabinet then resigned en masse. Official results were expected later Thursday.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, who remains in office, is expected to ask Hamas to form a new government.

"This victory proves that the path of Hamas is the right way. We will not fool our people," al-Masri said.

And the fact that Hamas "won" is a really really bad thing.

Here's their charter. Read through it and ask yourself who would vote for people that espouse these types of ideas?

Also, how is the US State Dept. going to deal with them now?
Isn't our stated policy that "we don't deal with terrorist organizations."