Friday, January 13, 2006

Dumb range behavior..

So I was at Gateway, the gun range I belong to, here in JAX a few weeks ago @ the 7yrd line and the guy next to me was trying to figure out why his slide lock on his .45 wouldn't catch with an after market mag.

He was only loading one round each time and after each shot he'd stop and try and find the casings he just flung out so he could reload it.

He was on my left so when he shot the casings they went to the right, but they weren't always going to the right and back. Some of them were falling in front of me.

Each time he'd shoot he'd stop, find the casing and pick it up, which sometimes involved CRAWLING UNDER THE BENCH, on a HOT line I might add.

A few times his head was right in front of my bench. So if I was standing at low ready, I would have been aiming at his head.

I had to stop and put down my gun a few times cause of this maroon.

I really should have said something to him but one of the guys, who is a range officer, there was shooting and they seemed to be buddy buddy and he didn't say a word about his behavior.

Do some people just not think when they're around guns?