Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bullet Proof Monk - No not the movie

A monk tries on a bullet proof monk vest at Precipart Company invented by Thailand's "Q," Major Songphol Eiamboonyarith, Samut Prakan, Thailand, on Monday, Jan. 23, 2006. A number of faithful in Thailand's southern provinces have ordered the bullet proof monk vest and donated them to the local Wat to protect the monks from Muslim insurgents. Many monks have been killed since the insurgency started in Jan. 2004.

Managing Director, Major Songphol Eiamboonyarith, known as Thailand's Q, after the movie character "Q" who invented James Bond's secret gadgets. His arsenal includes items like bullet proof monk robes, cell phone guns that shoot rubber bullets, non-lethal 170 decibel landmines, and even a bullet proof monk mobile. Monks and policemen have increasingly been targets of the violent Muslim insurgency in Thailand's southern provinces since Jan. 2004. Many of his devices and sub-lethal weapons are being used, but their whereabouts are, "On a need to know basis." Some of his other gadgets include, armored tuk tuks, rubber Howitzer and mortar shells, water cannons, armored mopeds, and umbrellas, video cameras, microphones, and walking sticks that shoot rubber bullets and nets.