Thursday, January 12, 2006

Awww Crap.........[Bird Flu]

Bird flu 'mutated into more dangerous form'

Bird flu has mutated into a more dangerous form which could breed in humans, according to scientists.

The Vietnamese research has shown the bug is adapting to infect humans in the biggest study of its kind.

The respected Ho Chi Minh Pasteur Institute in Vietnam said it had decoded 24 samples of the H5N1 virus taken from poultry and humans.

The results showed a significant variation of antigen - any foreign substance that stimulates the body's immune system to produce antibodies.

"The H5N1 type that infected people and waterfowl in early 2005 has several mutations focusing in the important functional parts of the surface proteins," the institute said on its website.

"There has been a mutation allowing the virus to breed effectively on mammal tissue and become highly virulent," it said.

Virus could breed in humans

The study also found a mutation of the PB2 gene in a virus sample from a patient who died in the southern Dong Thap province earlier this year.

Small changes in this gene can make it much easier for the virus to breed in humans making it more deadly.

So would you like a "Mad cow burger" or a "Bird Flu chicken sandwich" for lunch?

Ya know, I really hope the CDC is working on some sort of cure for this. And I'm with Hugh Hewitt on the idea that our local governments need to be working on a quarantine / fowl eradication plan now instead of later.

One thing that worries me is that from all the reports on this they never tell you HOW people die from this.

IMO That must mean it's really really bad.