Friday, December 16, 2005

Was Murtha deliberate in his omission of the WTC bombing?

Rep. Murtha is either an idiot or a conniving political operative that is now attempting to rewrite history.

From his ranting on the 14th he claims that --


There's no connection between the USS Cole incident and Iraq. There's no connection between 9/11 and terrorism and Iraq. And there's no connection between the embassy attacks and terrorism. Or Iraq, rather.

Let me separate -- and I've said this over and over again. You've got to separate terrorism from the insurgency. Terrorism started in Afghanistan. Terrorism -- we attacked Afghanistan. Everybody supported what we did in Afghanistan. The world supported what we did in Afghanistan. And we went into Afghanistan, started to clean that.

Then we diverted our attention to Iraq. Where there was no terrorism before. No terrorist camps. No nuclear weapons. No biological/chemical weapons, and none of the things that took us to war.

In his list of things that he says were not connected to Iraq he leaves out one glaring attack, the 1993 WTC bombing THAT DID HAVE CONNECTIONS TO IRAQ.

Ever here the name Abdul Rahman Yasin? He was an Iraqi that mixed the bomb that exploded in '93.

And according to Stephen Hayes' book 'The Connection' he states "Documents discovered in postwar Iraq in 2003 reveal that Sadda's regime harbored and supported Abdul Rahman Yasin" after he fled to Iraq after the bombing.

So is Murtha leaving out the '93 connection because he knows it's connected to Iraq or is he just a blithering idiot regurgitating democrat talking points?

Oh and John, Terrorism didn't start in Afghanistan, it started with a man named Yasser Arafat. Or does your memory not go back to the 70's when planes, cruise ships, and Olympic athletes were being hijacked and kidnapped/murdered?

And this is just too easy....

Where there was no terrorism before. [Other than the terror Saddam executed on the people of Iraq and the cheques Saddam sent to the familes of Palestinian suicide bombers.]

No terrorist camps.
[If you leave out Salman Pak where there was a plane fuselage use for training terrorists]

No nuclear weapons.
[If you discount the tonnes of uranium found and the Iraq scientists ready to ramp nuke production back up after sanctions were lifted.]

No biological/chemical weapons,
[If you toss out findings of David Kay and Charles Dulfer.]

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