Friday, November 18, 2005

Run Away!! Run Away!!!

I still can't believe what I've heard coming out of the Congress this past week.

It was bad enough that the Senate passed the Warner resolution, that gave the Dems a stick to beat Pres. Bush with. Then yesterday Murtha, who I've never heard of until yesterday, is being touted as an all knowing seer that some how know has all the answers, answers that sound just like left wing fringe (i.e...MoveOn, DU, Michael Moore) talking points.

I guess he didn't fit into the press' news cycle when he made the same statements a year and a half ago.

But today he's an "influential Democratic hawk with close ties to the military" - a "Democratic hawk and staunch supporter of the military ", " a decorated Vietnam veteran ", "A senior member of the US Democratic Party ", a "Key Democrat"


I wonder how much glee came over Al-jazeera when they found this quote?

"The US cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily. It is time to bring them home."

John Murtha,
Democratic Congressman

What a great quote that will rally moral within the US & Iraqi troop ranks!!
Thanks a lot Murtha!


Damn I hope the Republicans WAKE UP soon and realize that the Democrats are not their friends and toss comity out the F'N window, grow a spine, and start acting like they are MAJORITY party instead of letting the Democrats set the pace.

Frist and Hastert need to call the Dems' bluff now.

Murtha put the resolution for a pullout on the table, call it up for a vote now and set a week aside for debate. Make these Dems get up on the floor and explain to the American people, the troops in Iraq & around the world, and families of the fallen why tucking our tails between our legs and running away would be the right thing to do!

Are memories so short sighted that people have forgotten the slaughter that took place after the US pulled out of Vietnam?

Do these Democrats think that won't happen in Iraq?

Or do they know it will happen but also know it will not be covered because of absolute lawlessness and terrorist running rampant imposing their ideology that there will be no reporters there to cover it and will all just go away?