Monday, November 07, 2005

Friday range trip

Went to the range after work last Friday and shot up another paper man.

I shrunk him up just a bit and I think he's about the right size now. Plus I tweaked his head a bit and added some hair.

I also built my own frame so the range officer couldn't bitch at me for shooting up "their" frames.

And no, I didn't put any holes in my new frame.

Figured it be a good idea to first shoot off a few of my carry ammo and practice drawing and firing.

I only shot off five rounds from my carry gun (G30). At $15 for 20 rounds, five is plenty.

I drew and fired two sequences of shots, three (2com-1 head) on the first draw, the ones on the left and high, and two (2com) on the second, the two touching.

I was a little low on the head shot though. }:o(

After that I pulled out the G34 and peppered his smirky ass!

And it is sooooo much more fun down at this range.

It's a blast to load up 17 rounds in the magazine, start about 15 yards away and fire them off while walking towards the target!

The only thing that sucked was the range closed at 5:45, and I got there about 10 till 5, freaking daylight saving time!