Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Do you live in FL and carry a gun?

If so you should be aware of this and contact your FL State Senator and Rep and tell them to vote NO on this. [Find Your Legislators]

Democrat Bendross-Mindingall from Miami has introduced a bill (HB 235 & SB 870) that would add "health care facility" to 790.06(12) as a new place where those with a CCW license can NOT legally carry their gun.

House 0235: Relating to Concealed Weapons/Health Care Facility (BILL TEXT)

I can't think of ANY reason why a "health care facility" should be off limits. For one, what is a "health care facility"?

If this legislation is enacted would it be illegal for me to carry my gun into my doctor's office when I go in for a checkup? Or how about my dentist's office? What about a nursing home?

That then would mean I would have to leave my gun in my car when I go into my doctor/dentist. Why not just put a giant neon sign up in the parking lot that read "UNARMED PEOPLE OVER HERE", so criminals, who by definition don't follow the law, would know where they could attack people without the fear of those victims putting up a fight.


And was the impetus that brought this legislation forward?

I haven't seen a rash of law abiding gun carrying Floridians shooting people at "health care facilities", or anywhere for that matter.


When are these ignorant Dimocrats going to learn that Disarming law-abiding citizens does not protect those citizens?

If someone were to walk into a "health care facility" intent on murder, which is against the law already so I don't think this addition to the law would prevent them from walking in to a "health care facility" with a gun, I highly doubt harsh words would stop their shooting spree. But I bet a gun would.