Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Sunday, October 16, 2005 - FreeMarketNews.com

The United Nations is trying to ban guns again. The latesst "small-arms treaty" seeks to abolish the right of any citizens to own virtually any kind of firearm. In the United States, such an effort would strike at the heart of the Constitution’s Second Amendment. Recently appointed U.S. diplomat John Bolton has already stated his view on this activity, as quoted by NRA Executive Wayne LaPierre in The American Rifleman, “The United States will not join consensus on a final document that contains measures contrary to our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

LaPierre references a document circulated by the International Action Network on Small Arms entitled “Ownership” which spells out what the organization has determined to be “minimal” goals toward this end. Among other things they recommended – with LaPierre’s translation in parentheses:

• Prohibit civilian ownership of certain weapons (read: handguns and semi-automatics).

• Prevent the build-up of private arsenals (read: ban gun collecting).

• License all legal users. Register all small arms. Implement safe storage requirements (read: U.N.-imposed site inspections of your home with power to take your guns).

• Limit the carrying of guns (read: the end of Right to Carry).

• Restrict ammunition sales to license holders only.

Since it is unlikely that the United Nations will be dissuaded from pursuing these changes anytime soon, LaPierre sets out the job at hand. He concludes, “For us the task is daunting, and the fight is enormous. The world gun-ban crowd is deadly serious. As NRA members, this is our fight. And it is a do-or-die battle for freedom.”-DS

I can't stand the UN. It is a vile, corrupt, and unscrupulous organization.