Monday, October 10, 2005

This must be the work of a liberal!

So I'm driving back from getting my lunch (Ummm Pizza) and I see this on the wall under I-95.

Let me first say I HATE graffiti. It ticks me off little punk gang bangers need to "mark their territory" like a dog pissing around his yard. But instead of using urine they use cans of spray paint on the walls of other people's businesses.

But this is different. When I saw this I busted up laughing, for two reasons.

1. This person, I'm guessing a girl by the way it's written, is telling me to "Ride a Bike" in an area that, shall we say, isn't the best part of town and riding a bike isn't a good idea.


2. S/he is, I'm assuming, telling me and all others that drive by that we should stop driving because it's more environmentally friendly to Ride a Bike, which is true but not feasible in the real world, but s/he is doing it BY SPRAY PAINTING GRAFFITI ON THE WALL OF AN UNDERPASS!! Not only is this an illegal act but if they're so hell bent on saving the planet they sure are doing a heck of a job hurting it by defacing a public wall.

That's what made me bust up laughing.