Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This is what the dems are going to try and impeach Pres. Bush with?



I caught this nutjob talking on the House floor last night.

I don't know whether or not to call this idiotic, laughable, or just plain grasping at straws.

From what I read into this is that the dems are going to claim that the sole reason for HJR 114 was that Saddam was trying to get uranium and nuclear weapons. And that since Joe Wilson said Pres. Bush lied to congress about Saddam trying to acquire uranium, he should be impeached.

What fantasy world of revisionist history do these dems live in?

-Terrorist training camps in Iraq (Salman Pak).

-Abu Nidal, Abu Abbas, and Abu Zarqawi were in Iraq BEFORE the war.

- Saddam Hussein fired missiles into Israel.

- Saddam Hussein endowed and paid homicide bombers in Israel.

- British and American planes in the no-fly zones fired on almost daily.

- The attempted assassination of a U.S. President.

- Saddam had violated 17 or so UN resolutions and the only thing the UN did in response was to pass another resolution that they knew Saddam would break.

- The Oil of food scam.

Now does it really matter that Saddam did or did not try and get 500 tons of yellow cake from Niger?


Oh that's right we should have just stuck our heads in the sand and there would be no more problems and the terrorists would just disappear.


Here's HINCHEY's money quote about impeachment.

The CIA informed the White House. Nevertheless, the administration continued to assert weapons of mass destruction, including the potential for the creation of a nuclear weapon. Those assertions were made directly to the Congress. It is against the law, it is against Federal law, a criminal violation of Federal law, to misinform the Congress of the United States and to intentionally mislead the Congress.


I don't have the time to go over all this nutjobs false statements.

But I bet the moonbats will chomp onto this and not let go.