Monday, October 03, 2005

Strategic Gasoline and Fuel Reserve Act of 2005.

Mr. DURBIN. "Yesterday I introduced the Strategic Gasoline and Fuel Reserve Act of 2005.

The reserve would require the Department of Energy to hold and manage 40 million barrels of unleaded gasoline and 7.5 million barrels of jet fuel to be used in times of supply shortages--shortages that adversely impact the U.S. economy."

He can't be THAT stupid, can he? Oh no wait, this is Dick Durbin we're talking about here so YES he can be and is this stupid!

Would someone please inform Mr. Durbin that gasoline does NOT store like oil does.

You can't just stick gas in a barrel and come for 5 years later and unscrew the cap and have the same amount, or the same liquid, like you can with oil.

Gas not only evaporates, but it turns into turpentine over time.

If we hoarded away 40 MIL barrels of gas that means each year we have to put that old gas, that's been sitting for a year, into the market, and your car, and restock the 40 MIL barrels at what ever the cost was at the time.

This is just another idiotic reactionary idea, that won't work, by a Senator who used it to bash the President.


So I was thinking while driving home. How much would this cost?

OK well.

40,000,000 barrels @ 55 gal. per barrel = 2,200,000,000 gallons of gas.

2,200,000,000 gallons @ $2.95 per gal. = $6,490,000,000.