Monday, October 24, 2005

Saturday Shooting....

Here's some more pics from my Saturday shoot.

Normal day of shooting except there was a guy that had a case failure with his Glock. It wasn't the guns fault.

The guy was using reloads, 200 gr. reloads in a .40 S&W. Which is a extra large grain load for a .40.

The case blew out the extractor and plunger rod. If we would have found the parts they should have been OK but there was so much old brass and grass out there they were gone.

His hand was OK, after it came back from being numb, no lacerations or blisters.

It didn't even break the gun. He had some spare parts and was able to come back for the next stage but quit cause the ammo he was using wasn't ejecting.


Not much else eventful happened. I shot off about 175 rounds.

Got there about 8am to help set up and didn't get finished until about 1pm.

I really need to take advantage of this range more. It's a members only area and down at these ranges you can use body silhouette targets and rapid fire all you want. Down at the non-member/member ranges you can only shoot bullseye targets and you have to count to 3 in-between shots. I can kinda see why they have that rule, I've seen some real dumbasses out there shooting.