Monday, October 17, 2005

My new Glock 34..


Shoots nice.

I put 300 rounds through it this weekend, 200 on Saturday and then another 100 on Sunday after I dropped in a 3.5# Ghost rocket and did a .25cent trigger job.

I need to order a holster for it and also get a Hogue grip for it too. I was going to go with the OD green grip, but after seeing they want $5.25 to ship it, I think black will be just fine. I know I can go to a local gun store and get a black grip for $10.

I'm going to get an OWB holster for the gun. A Comp-Tac Settable Cant.

It'll be easier to use in the action shoots. Plus I wasn't really planing on carrying this gun every day, but with winter coming up I'm sure I'll be able to conceal it with a long coat.