Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just went shopping for a G34 in JAX, Ohhhhh Boy!

I went price shopping for a G34 today, boy that was fun.

I started out at one shop that I've purchased a few things from in the past. A G30 Mag. for $20, not bad. So I decided to check with them first. I was also going to ask them about getting a G20/21 trigger/trigger bar in form me cause I'm tossing that serrated trigger on my G30.

First I ask about the price of the G34, of course they don't have one in stock. So he goes over to his computer and comes up with a price of $619.00. Now I know you can get a G34 for $550.00 on either ALLGLOCK or TOPGLOCK so I let out a bit of a whistle, like wow that's a lot. Nix that.

Then I go on and ask him about the G20/21 trigger. He said he'd have to 1.) see if he could get one in, & 2.) I would have to leave my gun with them because they would have to have their "gunsmith" come in and install it, for a fee I'm sure. I tell him I can install it. Then he tells me I should just order it from Glock. Needless to say I was out the door post haste.

Next I'm off to my Glock guy. This is the guy I got my G30 from and a Ruger 22/45 MKIII, he knows me I'm in there all the time. In fact I was just in there yesterday ordering one of those Glock Sport/combat holsters so I can attach it into a stud in the bathroom at my work, but that's another story. Well, not really a long story I just want a safe place to put my gun when I have to take it out during.......ummmm........ sitting spells.

Anyway, I go in there today and tell him I need the trigger bar for the G20/21, he says no problem and orders it. Then I asks about the price of a G34......he does some "click-clicking" and says "yeah, we got 2 in our warehouse, I'll can do you a price of $589.00" Hummmmmm, OK that's not bad figuring that I'd have to pay about $20 in shipping and a transfer fee if I ordered it online it works out about the same.

I tell him I'd think about it and might be back in to put some money down on it.

After that I went to sports store that sells guns, which is notoriously pricey, just to compare price.

In the past they've had a good stock of Glocks but today they only had three in stock. A G19, a G26, and a 2nd gen G21 that looked to have something wrong with the front receiver. It looked as if it was curved up and was touching the side. There was no gap, I mean none, at the front of the gun between the slide and the receiver. They wanted $500 for that G21.

I ask about the G34 and he had to check his computer. He comes back with a price of, get this, $659.00.
I gasp and ask if that's after taxes and w/ night sights.
"No" he says "That's just with adjustable sights, and no tax."

I tell him I can get the gun all day long on TopGlock and AllGlock for $550.00. He says "well, then you've got shipping and a $50 transfer fee."

"A $50 transfer fee" I say "Is that how much you charge to do a transfer?"

"Yeah" he says.

Then I tell him I can get it for $589.00 right down the road.

His answer. "Well, I'd buy it from them if I were you."

REALLY!?!?! Thanks for advice CAPTAIN OBVIOUS!

I went home after that and call three more shops. I got a price of $614, $629, and $649.

The $649 guy really ticked me off cause after he gave me the price of $649 he said "I'll give you the best price in town."

So I ask him, "You can give it to me for $589?"

"Yeah, I can match $589"

Now I deal a bit in sales and I'm NOT going to deal with someone that comes out with a high price and then drops it to try and get my business.

I stick with the guy that gives me his best price up front cause he knows I'm gonna come back and do business with him.

That's why after I got off the phone with "Mr. $649" I called up my Glock guy and told him to bring in one of those G34's and I be in after work tomorrow to put some money down on it.

It's just too bad it's all black, I was wanting an OD green. But I think I can deal with it.