Monday, October 03, 2005

Islamic “Jihad” type literature found in OU bomber's Apt.


2 October 2005; 11:50 p.m.:

Law enforcement sources close to the Northeast Intelligence Network have confirmed that search and seizure warrants were served today upon the residence of the “suicide bomber, 21-year-old Joel Henry Hinrichs III of Colorado Springs, CO, who was a resident of the Park View Apartments on campus. Speaking strictly “off the record,” the officials stated that they recovered “a significant amount” of Islamic “Jihad” type literature, some possibly written in Arabic, along with the suspect’s computer. Some of the documentation included material on how to construct bomb-making vests.

Further reports by the same officials indicated that the bomb was detonated prematurely when the suspect was either arming a bomb vest or backpack, which contained TATP, a homemade explosive. TATP (triacetone triperoxide) is a very potent but relatively easily manufactured explosive compound that was used in the July London bombings. It is important to note that TATP has been cited in numerous Jihad bomb-making manuals.

The same officials, requiring anonymity as the investigation is ongoing, continued to confirm that “other un-detonated explosive devices were found in the area cordoned off by police and federal officials.” Those devices WERE NOT DETONATED, but carefully confiscated for further forensic testing. Initially, information provided to the Northeast Intelligence Network suggested that that the so-called “suicide-bomber” was attempting to attach bombs to the buses parked in the area when one of the bombs detonated prematurely. The investigation has expanded into the possibility that others might have been involved.

Exclusive video and Images from the scene are COURTESY of LAMP HERE PRODUCTIONS

This video compilation was taken on Saturday, 1 October 2005 of blast scene and on Sunday, 2 October 2005 of blast scene, suspect's apartment and search teams, bomb disposal units, and press conference by University President David Boren. It clearly illustrates the many contradictions of the various official accounts of this most troubling incident. Well documented by Lan Lamphere of Lamphere Photography. (22 Megabytes; Please RIGHT CLICK and save to your computer)

I've never read NEIN but other FReepers have told me to take this with a huge amount of salt because NEIN has put up some black helicopter stuff in the past.

But be sure to dowload and watch the video link there. Watch it all the way to the end where he points out the location of Hinrichs' apartment and the Islamic society. It's less than a block away....


What's this?

NEIN & Drudge just posted a new pic of Hinrichs, with a beard.......

Looks like a moooslim to me.


A cache of explosive materials was discovered Sunday night in the apartment of a Wasson High graduate who apparently blew himself up Saturday outside a football stadium packed with 84,000 people at the University of Oklahoma.