Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hinrichs [OK bomber] Tried To Buy Ammonium Nitrate

The general manager of a Norman feed store said Tuesday that Joel Henry Hinrichs III had inquired about purchasing a significant amount of ammonium nitrate, the primary ingredient used in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Dustin Ellison, the general manager of Ellison Feed & Seed on Porter Avenue, said that a man matching Hinrichs' description had come into the store days before he blew himself up on OU's campus. Ellison said the man asked about ammonium nitrate, but couldn't offer a reason why he needed it.

After the bombing, Ellison said he thought nothing of it. However, when he saw Hinrichs' photo, it triggered his memory.

To this point, authorities still suggest Hinrichs' only motive for blowing himself up was suicide. The FBI released a statement Tuesday evening saying that "there is no known link between Hinrichs and any terrorist or extremist organization(s) or activities."

The release also indicated that the FBI believes there is "no known current threat posed by any additional explosive materials."

Ellison noted that his store doesn't carry ammonium nitrate any longer after recent legislation required new paperwork for stores to sell the product.

Yeah, go ahead and let that sink in and then tell me this has nothing to do with terrorism and this guy "just committed suicide."

HT: The Digital Brownshirt.

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