Thursday, September 01, 2005


My grandfather is doing OK now. He got out of the hospital last Friday and went back for his angiogram yesterday (Wednesday). They didn't put in any stents and they didn't try to unblock his fully blocked left side artery. The doctors said they should be able to put him on medication in order to prevent future TIA's (slight strokes) and prescribed him Coumadin to thin his blood.

The tests they did on him reviled that all the arteries in his head were fully open and his right side artery was open enough not to cause any problems. They think the reason he's had these TIA's is due to the old blood above the blocked artery. When new blood veins are formed and connect with the old veins some of that old blood get in his system and causes problems.

It might actually turn out to be a good thing that he had this episode while he was down in FL rather than in IL. I think FL deals with more old folks so they have more work experience in dealing with the elderly's medical conditions.