Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tom DeLay Indicted [Yawnnnnnn]

Call me if Ronnie Earle actually gets a conviction.

Earle has quite a track record of indicting his political opponents and not getting a conviction. Like
Kay Bailey Hutchison.

And it's interesting that today was the deadline for the grand-jury investigation.

Earle investigation of TRMPAC close to completion


Statement from the Office of the Majority Leader


Prosecutor In Probe Of DeLay PAC Raises Funds For Other Side

Nawwwwwww This isn't a hit by the DNC......


“Dollars for Dismissals”
The prosecutor in the DeLay case dropped charges in exchange for cash to pet cause.


Mark Levin on the DeLay thing.....

Mark R. Levin: Here's my first take on this indictment (I've only read the indictment and nothing more for now): The indictment is three pages in length. Other than a statement that "one or more" of 3 individuals, including Tom DeLay, entered into an illegal conspiracy, I can't find a single sentence tying Tom DeLay to a crime. That is, there's not a single sentence tying DeLay to the contribution. The indictment describes the alleged conduct of two other individuals, but nothing about DeLay. You would think if Ronnie Earle had even a thin reed of testimony linking DeLay to the contribution, it would have been noted in the indictment to justify the grand jury's action. Moreover, not only is there no information about DeLay committing acts in furtherance of a conspiracy, there's no information about DeLay entering into a conspiracy. I honestly believe that unless there's more, this is an egregious abuse of prosecutorial power. It's a disgrace. I understand that not everything has to be contained in an indictment, but how about something!
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