Friday, September 30, 2005

Police Searching For Sword-Swinging Bandit

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. -- The Jacksonville Beach Police Department is looking for a samurai sword-swinging bandit who attempted to hold up a gas station earlier this month.

The attempted robbery of a Sprint station on Beach Boulevard Sept. 3 was recorded on surveillance video. The video shows the man removing the sword from behind his back and demanding money from the clerk.

According to police, the clerk refused, and the man can then be seen running out the door.

"We're hoping that somebody can maybe recognize this suspect or recognize this suspect's actions or something like that just to give us a few clues or a few hints on who it may be or who we may be able to talk to in the case," Jacksonville Beach Police spokesman Michael Zdunkiewicz said.

So the guy goes in to rob the store, he pulls out a sword and when the clerk refuses, he just runs out.

I guess he was just hoping the clerk would just fear him cause he had a sword and didn't want to go hurt the guy.

He's lucky the clerk wasn't packing or we'd be reading about a sword being found next to a dead guy that tried to rob the store.