Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My cats......

I know I know, republicans aren't supposed to own cats but I tried the dog thing and that didn't work.

I've had Cali, the fat one, for about 10 months and just got Smokey, the little gray one, about 3 weeks ago, and he's only about 3 months old.

Cali was our office cat here at work for a few weeks but she kept getting into the rafters and running in and out and it was becoming a pain to keep track of her so when I took her home over Thanksgiving last year I just decided to keep her.

I got Smokey from my cousin up in GA because he needed to get rid of a few kittens his cat just had and I figured if Cail had another cat to play with she just might lose some weight. All she did before I got Smokey was eat sleep and shit. Now she runs around chasing or getting chased by Smokey.

Anyway here's a pic of the two..