Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Let's try to stay on topic Dr. Dean.

COLMES: Barack Obama the other day talked about active racism versus kind of a passive, more innocent kind of negligence. Are they both equally racism and then both equally reprehensible, whether it's active hostility or just a lack of ...

DEAN: I think, Alan, you have a mixture of both. I do not think President Bush is a racist. He doesn't — you know, I know him personally.

I have never heard him say anything like that. I don't think he's a homophobe, either. But the effect of what he does does hurt poor people disproportionately, and poor people are members of minority communities.

The effect of what he does does harm gay people disproportionately.

So the argument that I would make with both the president and John Roberts is they may not be overtly racist, but their actions contribute to harm for vulnerable people. And that includes women, it includes members of minority groups, including Hispanics and African Americans. It includes anybody that doesn't look like them, and I think that's a problem

"I don't think he's a homophobe, either."

What? Where did that come from? I thought the question was about racism.

I only caught the audio of this this morning but did Dean give Alan a wink wink nudge nudge when he said that?

I think this is just Howard's way of saying he thinks Pres. Bush is a homophobe without actually saying it.

Although he came closer during the Presidential race.

"The truth is the president of the United States used the same device that Slobodan Milosevic used in Serbia. When you appeal to homophobia, when you appeal to sexism, when you appeal to racism, that is extraordinarily damaging to the country," Dean charged. "I know George Bush. I served with him for six years [as a fellow governor]. He's not a homophobe. He's not a racist. He's not a sexist. In some ways, what he did was worse ... because he knew better."

Dean also criticized Bush for the ballot initiatives in 11 states calling for gay marriage to be outlawed, saying this "had only one effect, which is to appeal to homophobia and fear and gay-baiting in order to win a presidential election."

If anyone is gay-baiting I'd have to say Dr. Dean is the one doing it now.

Why else drop in that line when talking about race?