Thursday, September 01, 2005


What a horror, not only did cities and towns get wiped of the map but now we have to watch a city be destroyed by it's own residents because they're looting stores "because it's all free" now.

The order should have been put out days ago. "If you're seen taking anything other than food, water, diapers, things you really NEED in order to survive, YOU CAN AND WILL BE SHOT!"

[Ted Frank over at PointOfLaw has a good post on shooting the looters.]

I saw looters running around town with TV's, DVD's, liquor, and things people don't need in order to live on.

MSNBC had video from inside a Wal-Mart where COPS where taking part in the looting. If you want to break down law and order THAT'S the greatest way to do it.

What aren't we being told?

I got a bad feeling the death toll is going to jump, big time.

I'm not sure if it's being suppressed because they don't want to give it until they know the exact number or the number is so large they scared to give it out.

Take a look at these two quotes.

"The death toll will rise very dramatically," Major General Harold Cross, commander of the Mississippi National Guard, told CNN television."
Emergency management officials not only wouldn't speculate on how many died when a 30-foot wall of water swept into the Gulfport-Biloxi area, they repeatedly refused to say how many bodies had been recovered.

"Our preparation area is just overwhelmed," said Tommy Franklin, manager of the Riemann Funeral Home, where the remains are being stored. Refrigerated trucks were on the way, he said.


Something isn't right.

Bill Nelson is a dumbass.

Yes, gas prices spiked. Yes, I hate that I'm going to have to pay over $3 a gal. next time I fill up.

Will freezing gas prices help? HELL NO!!!