Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I hate "Hate crime" laws........

And I hate them even more when their snuck into bills.

Conyers stuck on an amendment to a child-safety bill that adds "sexual orientation" to the federal "hate crimes" statute.

"Conyers told RAW STORY the fact that the bill is part of a broader child safety act will make it easier to pass in the Senate."

Ahh yes, this is how we want laws passed. It can't pass on their own merits so it has to be stuck out to a bill that will pass with more ease.

The New York Blade has something extremely disturbing to say about the main bill.

A Mixed Victory

However, some gay rights activists were disturbed by the bill the hate crimes amendment was passed with — the Children’s Safety Act, which has raised civil liberties concerns.

Keisling said the hate crimes amendment was attached to a “very, very troubling” act.

“Parts of the bill are really bad,” she said.

Foreman said his organization was also concerned with the underlying bill. For example, he said, one provision requires all states to set up sex offender registries.

“In some states public lewdness is a sex offense,” he told the Blade. “Public lewdness laws are disproportionately and unfairly enforced against gay men in cruising areas.”

Say what!?!

Here's Nancy "never blinks" Pelosi's remarks.

U.S. Newswire

Here she explains what this grand amendment would do.

"This legislation would increase the ability of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to solve and prevent a wide range of violent hate crimes."

Dare I ask HOW?